Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mark and I went to Sand Diego this past week...yes, we do a lot of traveling...and saw his parent and his brother. We didn't take any pictures, but we had such a good time visiting. Whenever we go to Diego the first place we stop is at this little hole in the wall Mexican Joint. The food is so amazing and its total old school, we love it. The line out the door is literally for blocks. Mark and his brother, Tony were working on his Riviera and his parents and I were talking wedding. We had a great time!!!

Mark headlined an 80's party at Ghostbar this past week and it was so fun! He dress up as the Karate Kid and Jason made a suprise visit.

Here are some pics of the last couple projects that I have done. I shot the cover for Las Vegas What's On Magazine. It's a magazine for locals and tourists to find out all the hot spots in Vegas. The shots were taken at Voodoo Lounge, Rio, I actually didn't even know it was going to be for the cover lol! I also just got done working with Kim Kardashian on her new fitness video. It was a great experience and she is a very sweet girl. It will be out this Spring and it is a step aerobics video.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Lights

We love the holidays!! Mark just put the Christmas lights on the house this week...I am not the best photographer but the house looks so good. Even tho he travels so much we really like to take full advantage of our time together. I can't wait until next week, we are going to Disneyland and then back to Salt Lake City! Look at Roxanne she's my little model:)

Whale Watching

Whale Watching, whoohoo!! My Mom and Stepdad, Eric, came to visit me in LA and we went to Redondo Beach for some whale watching. My mom and I both get motion sickness and so we decided to be proactive and take something for it. By the end of the ride we couldn't even keep our eyes open, I think we took too much lol! There is some great footage of the dolphins that were swimming right against the boat, fun times!

Le Reve

My family (Dad, stepmom Liz and bro Rick) came down to visit us from Salt Lake and it was such a suprise! We tried to squeeze in all this stuff that they have never gone to before. We went to see the most amazing show in Vegas, Le Reve. Its a show that is completely done in water...take my word for it, it's by far the best show in Vegas. Even Joey stayed awake lol!

Day at the Beach

Mark and I love to take walks on the beach...awww how romantic!!! Believe it or not this is a Holiday afternoon in LA. It is the craziest thing for me to experience a day in December, on the beach. I miss the snow so much, but LA is equally beautiful. There was a boat that actually crashed onto the beach, so we took advantage of the photo opp. As you can see we can not do much without our little girl, Roxanne(I know I know she is not little). Many people that have met her will tell you she hates people and will not leave our side...she is actually very timid and is more frightened of you then you are of her:)